Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Best Low Sodium Cheeses

It’s not easy finding a low sodium cheese, but after a little research I thought I would like to share some of my results. For a product to be labeled low sodium on cheeses it must have less than 140 mg or less per serving.

Only add small amounts of cheeses to your dishes as they are high in fat, adding freshly grated cheeses can add a lot of flavor to your dishes.

Cheese is a wholesome and nutritious food but does require a lot of salt to help the preservation process in the aging and dehydration part of the cheese process. But lowering your sodium intake can have so many health benefits like lowering your cholesterol, LDL and blood pressure,

Swiss, Gruyere, fresh Chevre, are all naturally much lower sodium content and Monterey Jack, Ricotta, Parmesan, Ficek. Wensleydale, Emmental, Mozzarella, Cream cheese and Cottage cheese are good low sodium options when you are looking for a low sodium cheese.


Check out this Low Sodium Swiss Cheese
Swiss cheese is one of the more popular dairy products; it's also one of the lowest-sodium options out there. 

Applegate's Emanteler Swiss Cheese (35 mg for one slice)

Kraft Deli Fresh Extra Thin Aged Swiss Slices has 25 mg of sodium.


Gruyere cheese is naturally lower in sodium content, with 1 oz of Gruyere cheese there is only 90 mg of sodium. Get your block of Gruyere here
Swiss Gruyere - Sold by the Pound

Brick cheese
Brick cheese has approximately 150 mg of sodium per serving it is a mild, light-colored cheese and is a little bit softer.

For a low salt, extra-mild and soft cheese, try mozzarella. The whole-milk variety is lower in sodium -- with 105 milligrams. But there is also a part skim mozzarella for you to choose from.
Paneer is a fresh cheese common in South Asia; especially in Indian- it is very similar to a cottage cheese.

Ricotta cheese is available with part skim milk which has only 80 mg of sodium for about ¼ of a cup. Always choose the low fat Ricotta

Sergento and Boars head have a low sodium Provolone Cheese both meet the less that 140 mg per serving ratio. Sargento makes some of the tastiest reduced-fat cheese slices in the business, and those slices also happen to be significantly lower in salt than a lot of the competition. And skinny slices like Sargento Ultra Thin and Kraft Natural Slim Cut will save you sodium, fat, and calories. 

Get your Sorrento Provolone Cheese here.

Marscapone is an Italian cream cheese, naturally sweet and light.

Grated parmesan- Argitoni fresh grated Parmesan 45mg/ 1Tablespoon

Goat Cheese
Goat Cheese is also known as chèvre, it is made from goats milk. Goat Cheese is a simple, creamy ingredient that can make just about anything taste that much better. With just over 100 mg per serving.

Cream cheese
Cream cheese is simply made from cream instead of milk. And at 85 milligrams of sodium per 1-ounce serving.

Cottage Cheese

There are “no sodium cottage cheeses” available in supermarkets, Cottage Cheese is high in calcium which is good for bone density.

Cheese Tips:
Grating your cheese try putting your block in the freezer for 30 minutes- it will give you a nice clean grate.


Here are some great Pizza recipes using some of these low sodium cheeses.

Cheeses to avoid

Cheeses that have a particularly high amount of sodium and should be avoided are Parmigiano Reggiano, Blue cheese and Gouda